Interfaith Institute of Divine Love
Divine Love is the Essence of all religions
His Holiness Gohar Shahi advises the humanity as follows:
Learn the knowledge of Spirituality, in order to approach and identify the Essence of Divinity, no matter what religion or sect you belong to!

1. Striving to bring the whole humanity into one global community knotting their hearts with the bond of DIVINE LOVE.


2. Underlining the need for INTERFAITH mutual communion.


3. Working hard to make a rather tolerant spiritual society.


4. Raising the awareness of the truthful-ness of all Religions as they were all sent by One God, Regardless of His names in all different languages that people call upon Him.


The Manifesto of the Organization is DIVINE LOVE which is the Essence of all Religions.

Religions are like boats where as the Clerics or Scholars are like navigators. Should either of the two is defective, it is hard and difficult to reach at the destination. Divine Love is above all Religions which is the Essence of all Religions. Where as the Divine Light is the guiding lamp. If you are eager to enter the paradise and obtain its contents, Observe servitude in abundance to obtain the highest level of Paradise.